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Freakshow - Britney Spears
Don’t stop and let it flow
Let your inhibitions go
It’s crazy now
Let’s make them make a freakshow

After a polite rehearsal of this scene and the completed master shot, Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford were to shoot the close-ups; Norma Shearer’s first. Joan was prepared to deliver the off-stage lines, positioning herself in a chair at the side of the camera while taking out her knitting. She was working on an afghan that required large needles. 

Norma delivered her lines in front of the camera whilst Joan answered with her lines, but she never looked at Norma. She continued gazing at her knitting. The needles moved at a furious pace, and they clicked - loudly. “Joan, darling, I find your knitting distracting,” Norma said. Joan seemed not to hear. The scene continued, and the flashing needles grew louder. The tension mounted, and crew members looked from the irritated Shearer to the oblivious Crawford, then to Cukor, who seemed like an unwilling explorer on the brink of a volcano. Again Norma started the scene, and again Joan´s needles distracted her. “Mr. Cukor,” Norma said with icy control, “I think that Miss Crawford can go home now and you can give me her lines.”

Cukor was furious with Joan and almost dragged her from the stage and demanded that she should apologize to Norma the next day.

tbh norma shearer is NOT where it’s at



Night Shift by Stephen King, 1978

babybustershorts asked:
this heather named henny used to ride in the backswamp / spritz bigger than a tower i ain't talkin bout gettin' pumped / real country queen henny let me sip on ya sweet tea / red velvet put his ass to sleep now he's callin me monique / now that wheh wheh wheh - i let him hit it cause he sang klymaxx / eat my red velvet like he takin' out tracks / one by one i make him buy me couture / i'm on some dumb shit




by the wheh. Wheh he say? He can tell that i ain’t missin no meals. Skip a bitch at KFC gonna fight me forreal. Let Phoenix lip sync while I drink my fill. And heathers tellin me to chill and my titties are real and just because I look pumped doesn’t mean I’m filled with sil. Said to call him big daddy and he wants something to grab so he pulled up in geo and did it in my backswamp dundundundundun


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